The Film UR-MUSIG authored by Cyrill Schlaepfer is a musical journey into the remaining worlds of authentic and traditional Swiss folkmusic. It's unconventional form as a symphony of sounds, music, pictures and landscapes (soundscapes) caught the attention of the audience at it's successful premiere at the International Filmfestival Locarno 1993. After beeing showcased at many differnent Music- and Filmfestivals in Switzerland and abroad the award winning film UR-MUSIG got it's famous cult-reputation by continuous screening of more than 2 years in Zurich.

The successfuly released original soundrack CD's: UR-MUSIG and UR-MUSIG Vol.2 are available through CSR Records. 


Ur-Musig with Rees Gwerder, Jakob Alder, Jakob Düsel, Dr Örgelidokter Martin Nauer, "Sity Domini", Ludi Hürlimann, Original Streichmusik Edelweiss, Echo vom Kinzig, Trio Mosibuebä a.o.
Camera Thomas Krempke, Pio Corradi, Jürg Hassler, Otmar Schmid, Cyrill Schläpfer, Helena Vagnières
Sound Dieter Meyer, René Zingg, Cyrill Schläpfer
Editing Jürg Hassler
Book, Direction, Production Cyrill Schläpfer
Original Version

DVD, Video edition

35 mm Colour, Dolby-Stereo SR, 107' Running-Time
16 mm Colour, Magnet-Sound, 107' Running-Time
5.1 Dolby Digital Surround/ Bonustrack "Tell's Geschichte"

VHS/Video Cassette
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  This movie is about traditional swiss folkmusic has a lot more to offer than only folklore. "UR-Musig" is about the work and life of mountain peasants in the midst of archaic mountain landscapes. It is about traditional swiss architecture and interior decorations, about peoples and their garbs. There are not many dialogs and no narrator. The pictures speak for themselves. The Swiss Prealps are shown in all four seasons and in all thinkable weathers which make every landscape shot more breathtaking than the other.
UR-Musig's non-narrative minimal-academic-musicological documentary style manages to capture a scene, a preserved instant that is rendered with such loving care that one is blown away not only by the music, but by the mystical quality of the various yodels of the Appenzellers and Innerschweizer mountain dwellers.
It took Cyrill Schläpfer four years to shoot this movie. Only few Swiss have seen their own country in the same way as through the eyes of the movie maker, so it's a must-see movie especially for them, but of course it is also recommendable for everyone else.The DVD version offers subtitles in 40 (!) languages. This movie has been given the same rating as been given gave for Wim Wenders' outstanding "Buena Vista Social Club" (1999). Cuban traditional music is worlds apart from Swiss folklore, but both movies are very similar in many ways.

UR-Musig is also a collection of three CDs that offers an excellent audio companion to the documentary.Schläpfer also released a series of esoteric soundscape CDs, which are intoxicatingly representative sonic portraits of certain aspects of Swiss pastoral culture.
True Tone volumes 1-9 are pure ambiences of, yes, Swiss pastures. What do the Alps, the pastures, and the rolling hills sound like? They are alive and filled with the atmospherically pregnant sounds of cowbells and grazing herds.

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